Stopping the Tiny “Vampires” of New York City- The Simple Steps to Avoiding Bed Bug Infestations in Your NYC Home

Bed Bug On Newspaper Headline“Sleep tight, and don’t let the bed bugs bite” is a common saying, but recently the number of bed bug infestations has recently soared in America, especially in New York City. The US National Pest Management Association, an association representing pest control companies, reported that the claimed number of bedbug incidents in New York City increased from 500 in 2004 to 10,000 by 2009. To help you counter this invasion of blood suckers, consult with the services of a bed bug exterminator NYC.

There are a number of reasons cited why this invasion of tiny leeching parasites has taken place, and they include unawareness of the pest, complacency, increased entomological resistance, obtrusive pesticide regulations, and exponential growth in transcontinental travel. For this complex issue, refer the problem to a pest management company who can attack your problem. In the meantime, here is what you the potential victim can do:

Stop Bed Bug Infestations

Bed bugs are free riders. They can latch onto backpacks, luggage, bedding, and boxes and move to new environments. They can survive for many months without feeding, and wait for new hosts. So if you bring used furniture, clothing, or bedding home, check for signs of bed bugs. When you use bedding, apply a light colored encasement sheets to keep a seal between the mattress and the sleeper. Eliminate hubbub and trash. Seal cracks. If you visit a travel lodge, keep your luggage on racks not the bed or floor. Check the mattress for signs of bedbugs. Once home, check your luggage for signs of bedbugs and launder your clothes. If you suspect bed bugs, call a bed bug exterminator NYC.

Bed Bug Extermination Techniques

A good exterminator will be aware of the various techniques. First, they should inspect the property. They can perhaps even use a dog to identify the bed bugs. Once found, the exterminator may decide to use chemicals-there are more than 300 pesticides, but they have to be certified for indoor bed bug prevention. As experts, they should know. A different non chemical technique can be applying high heat, 113 degree Fahrenheit, to affected areas.

Even though there has been a large increase in bed bugs, it is possible to control them by using due care, cleanliness, and a good bed bug exterminator NYC.

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Importance Of Safe Techniques Employed By Bed Bug Exterminator

Bed bugs can undoubtedly cause frustration and disgust whenever they are sighted but, the shape of their body allows them to hide inside tiny crevices and cracks thus, rendering them untraceable and causing confusion among homeowners. However, Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan NY can easily get rid of all the hidden bugs with the help of various high-tech equipment and foolproof methods.

Safe Techniques Employed By Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan NY:

Though bed bug infestation can be controlled using home remedies, it is particularly difficult to completely exterminate them using common insecticides. Moreover, many people that attempt to kill bed bugs are advised against the misuse of these insecticides since it can put their lives as well as the life of their family members at risk. Additionally, there have been several instances where homeowners have exposed themselves and their families to severe health problems due to improper use of pest killers. To avoid such mishaps and to get the problem uprooted from the source level, the best option would be to invest in a Bed Bug Exterminator Manhattan NY service that has adequate experience in treating these infestations.

In recent years, it has been noticed that conventional pesticides are becoming less effective against the bugs. Therefore, one of the technologically advanced methods used by specialized exterminators is the heat extermination process. In this method, the infested area and the surrounding walls are exposed to a temperature greater than 125°F, which kills all the bugs as well as their eggs. Heat extermination is a safe way of killing the bugs as harmful pesticides and chemicals are not used during the treatment process. It is one of the most successful methods used for removing the Bed Bugs permanently and it also ensures that people and pets are safe.

With the state-of-the-art equipment and procedures, the exterminator company inspects the infected region and design a plan to decide the best elimination options while, giving safety the first preference throughout the whole treatment process.

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YUK Where Did Those Ugly Night Time Welts Come From?

You fly to New Your City for business or pleasure, and you wake up the next morning to find your face, neck, hands and arms covered with redness, swelling, and raised bumps on your skin. You have been attacked through the night by tiny vampires that are bed bugs. These resurgent blood sucking parasites have taken the spotlight onto themselves and raised the need for bed bugs exterminator NYC.

Bed bugs attack and draw blood from people. During the night, these vermin are at hunting and are biting any open areas of the human skin while a person is reposing. The attack itself is painless, usually not noticed, later appearing as the swelling bumps. Affected persons will try and scratch the itchy bump which could lead to an infection. You can tell if you have been attacked by bed bugs if the bites are in rows as the bug likes multiple feedings. Another way to tell if you have been preyed upon is if there are odors or dark fecal spots on bed coverings or in cracks leading to hiding places. Bed bugs do not transmit infectious microbes, yet scientists are still studying if bed bugs are disease carriers.

The anxiety of being preyed upon can lead to sleep deprivation with some people using the wrong pesticides and, subsequently, poisoning themselves with bad applications of pesticides. Therefore before you become a bed bugs vampire killer, better to consider a bed bugs exterminator NYC.

A good exterminator knows how to attack bed bugs with various techniques. First, though they need to inspect the property sometimes even using a dog. Once found, the exterminator can chose chemicals which are certified indoor bed bug prevention. As experts, they will know what to do. A different non chemical technique can be applying high heat, 113 degree Fahrenheit, to affected areas.

By and itself, a pest control expert is not the only solution. You will need to be proactive in helping to reduce the possibility of bed bugs. Bed bugs are “hitchhikers, “latching onto luggage, clothing, bedding, etc., and they move to new environments. Bed bugs can stay alive for many months with no food waiting to feed on new hosts. So don’t become the new host, treat or prevent bed bugs by using a good bed bugs exterminator nyc!

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Best Bed Bug-Killing Treatments

The best bed bug-killing treatments are supplied by a trained and experienced bed bug exterminator Manhattan NY and before you hire an exterminator you want to verify that he is licensed and insured. Have him come to your home and inspect the main areas of the home where the infestation takes place so that he can effectively get rid of the bed bugs. Before you sign a contract with the bed bug exterminator Manhattan NY, you want to read it carefully and look for a clause that lets you receive a refund if you are not satisfied with the service.

Hot Wash Treatment

Another effective treatment for bed bug infestation is hot wash treatment, and this means that you wash all of your bedding items such as flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowcases and bedspreads in hot soapy water because bed bugs will not be able to survive on fabrics when they are exposed to hot and soapy water. Even if you currently do not have bed bugs, it is important that you clean your linens this way to avoid bed bug infestation so you will not need a bed bug exterminator Manhattan NY.

Remove Old Mattress and Old Furniture

When you notice a steady stream of bed bugs on the mattress or on certain types of furniture in your home, you may need to get rid of the old mattress to prevent the further spread of bed bugs in the home and you should also remove any furniture that may have been infected by the bed bugs. In conclusion, there are several ways you can get rid of the bed bugs permanently and prevent them in the first place. Finally, keep your home clean and neat during the week to avoid the infestation.

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Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Your NYC Home

Nasty Bed BugIf you live in New York City and you are tired of the bed bugs on your bedroom, it is time to look for ways you can eliminate them for good. One idea is to hire a bed bug exterminator NY to come in your home to complete this task. You want to hire an exterminator who is licensed and has at least ten years of experience in this business because he will have acquired the expertise needed to get rid of the bed bugs and advise you on avoiding bed bug infestations in the future. A good bed bug exterminator NY will not charge you for the consultation and he will conduct a thorough inspection before explaining the situation. Here are other ways to get rid of bed bugs in your home.

Get Rid of Old Mattresses and Vacuum Areas Near Bed

If you discover that your mattress has bed bug infestation, it is wise to get rid of this mattress and buy a new one before it spreads out to other areas of the bedroom. It is also important that you vacuum your new mattress every few weeks because when you do this you reduce the dirt and other bacteria that attract bed bugs. Change your bedsheets, pillowcases and comforters periodically since clean bedding deters bed bugs.

Natural Methods of Eliminating Bed Bugs

If you are into green living and do not want to hire a bed bug exterminator NY, there are natural ways to get rid of bed bugs. Besides vacuuming and cleaning the bedding periodically, you should also steam clean the mattress every few months because it eliminates the dirt and bacteria that attract bed bugs. Ask your spouse or a relative to seal all the cracks in the holes of your walls and window panes since this is a good way to keep bed bugs out the home.


Bed bugs don’t have to take over your home because with the above mentioned steps and help from a professional, it is possible to be free from these pests. It is important that you maintain a clean and clutter-free bedroom because this is the best deterrent of bed bugs. You also should not eat or drink in the bed regularly because the tiny particles in your bed serve as food for the bed bugs that are in the home. When you get rid of bed bugs you also reduce health risks associated with them.

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Tell Bed Bugs to Get Out With an Exterminator

If you tried various methods and remedies for getting rid of the bed bugs but they haven’t worked, then it is time to hire an experienced bed bug exterminator to get rid of the bed bugs. You want to research different exterminators to get a good bed bug exterminator NYC cost and to determine which of their services you would need the most. When you interview the bed bug exterminator you want to verify that he is licensed and trained in this job, and you should also ask about the supplies and techniques he will use to treat the infestation. Don’t choose the first professional you see but instead get recommendations from friends and relatives and read reviews on the exterminators

Never Choose The Cheapest One

When you search for a bed bug exterminator, you don’t want to choose a professional that has the cheapest bed bug exterminator NYC cost because this doesn’t mean that you are getting the highest quality. In fact, if an exterminator charges too low for his services, this means he uses poorly made materials and not the best techniques to get rid of the bed bugs.

Find Out How They Plan to Treat The Problem

This is an important question to ask because you want to know that the exterminators are using effective but safe methods in eliminating bed bugs. If an exterminator discusses different products that seem questionable, ask him about the products to see if they would be safe to use in the home, especially if there are kids or pets in the home. Also ask if you can see a detailed plan of what will occur during the days they are in your home.


When you hire a licensed and qualified bed bug exterminator, you are getting the assistance you need to eliminate those annoying bed bugs in your home. After the extermination you should seek ways of keeping the bed bugs out your home and these may include dusting your furniture frequently, periodically taking clutter out of your bedroom, cleaning bedding items, and giving your home a thorough cleaning once or twice a year. Finally, you want to do inspections of the bedrooms for bed bugs every few months to determine if an extermination is necessary, and you can learn how to do this inspection through online videos and magazine articles.

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Bed Bug Exterminator Cost Is Well-Worth The Peace Of Mind It Guarantees!

Bed Bug on FingerThe bed bug infestation issue in the NYC area has grown to be a major problem and health concern therefore; it can be a wise decision to terminate the infestation by seeking the services of a cost-effective professional exterminator. Bed Bug Exterminator NYC Cost often depends upon the size of the region to be treated together with the different type of treatments that are employed.

Bed Bug Infestation In NYC:

These days, bed bugs are so prevalent in New York City, that they have become a common sight in hotels, offices, homes and other public places and transportation. Bed bugs generally feed on human and animal blood therefore, they are found in all sorts of dwellings as well as transportation vehicles since they like to remain close to their food. Additionally, they live all over the place and not just in the bed or mattresses. They generally prefer to hide in small crevices and cracks and often spread from place-to-place by hiding in shoes, boxes and suitcases. They are a very complicated pest to eliminate without specialized training and techniques. However, exterminators NYC have the required level of experience and expertise to deal with any extermination issues related to these pests.

Bed Bug Exterminator NYC Cost:

Typically, the minimum cost for treatment would be a few hundred dollars. However, if warranties are offered then it can affect the pricing, which means, if the company provides a guarantee, the price may be higher. Moreover, bed bug issues and infestations vary in each house and even the setting of each property differs hence, the treatment process used would be different in each case. With so many possibilities, it becomes impossible to specify the accurate cost of professional bed bugs elimination treatment. Thus estimates and quotes for Bed Bug Exterminator NYC Cost can be best done by an exterminator after inspecting the area and determining the intensity of the infestation.

Overall, a certified exterminator company in NYC can solve the issues of bed bug safely, quickly and in an effective and customer-friendly manner. They will not only guarantee extermination of bed bugs but, will also offer peace of mind.

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